• Legal Element has been established in 2008. We have chosen two institutional principals for our Firm: universality and neat solutions. The last one is our slogan.

    We are realizing in Legal Element an idea of “juridical workshop”, producing high quality peace of works. When you choose Legal Element you can be sure that you will get the unique solution of your matter. Individual attention to every Client and to any matter is also one of our principals.

    The Team of Legal Element is a group of lawyers who have a practice in many essential legal projects. For years of our activity we have proved our professional competency. We are proud to be reliable advisors for our Clients.

  • Legal Element specializes on economical cases and legal projects. An approximate list of our services is mentioned on our website.

    But we do not limit our services by mentioned on the website only. Our lawyers handle cases and legal projects in other branches of law and related areas. The only exclusion is that we do not handle criminal cases, but if necessary we can recommend competent criminal lawyers to our Clients.

    Rendering legal services the matters can be faced for which an involvement of experts in other areas is necessary. For example, services of auditors, adjusters, surveyors, average adjusters, translators, etc. can be necessary. Legal Element has a partnership with many experts and companies rendering corresponding services, and if necessary involves those experts for the all-inclusive and competent solution of Clients’ matters.

    Legal Element also provides a service of legal translations from English to Russian and vice versa. Legal translations made by specialists not competent in jurisprudence usually followed with some kind of essential logical mistakes. Translations of Legal Element are subject of expertise of English speaking lawyers, have no logical mistakes and are adapted with legal terms of a given jurisdiction.

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  • Careers

    In our HR policy we consider that the best lawyers for the Firm can be taught only in the Firm. We invite only young lawyers with excellent theoretical skills in jurisprudence and lateral thinking to join our Team.

    We do not post any information about a recruitment on our website. But if you are objectively match criteria set above we will consider your CV sent to: info@legalelement.ru with an interest.

  • Our contacts

    3 floor, 23a, Pos’etskaya Str., Vladivostok, Russia.

    Tel.:+7 423 275 1133
    FAX:+7 423 275 1133
    E-MAIL: info@legalelement.ru


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  • Gukasyan Alen

    Alen is a Managing Partner of Legal Element.

    In 2004 graduated from International Law Faculty of the Far-Eastern National University. Specialisation – International Law.

    Alen started his career in 2002 as a paralegal in a major law firm. In 2003-2007 was an in-house lawyer of a global shipping company. In 2007-2008 was in charge in a legal department of a telecommunication company.

    Alen has a big practice in handling of litigation and arbitration disputes of different difficulty levels, including disputes in foreign commercial arbitrations and courts. He is the head of all key projects of Legal Element.

    Foreign languages: English, Armenian.

    e-mail: A.Gukasyan@legalelement.ru

  • Solodovnikov Zakhar

    Zakhar is a Senior Lawyer of Legal Element.

    Graduated from International Law Faculty of the Far-Eastern National University in 2008, diploma with honors.

    Zakhar is a member of our Team from the day of establishment of the Firm. Before that he had a practice in major Russian companies as a paralegal and lawyer.

    Zakhar specializes on development and execution of difficult structured legal projects in different legal areas. He has a huge experience of handling litigation and arbitration matters in Russian jurisdiction.

    Foreign languages: English.

    e-mail: Z.Solodovnikov@legalelement.ru

  • Krupin Alexey

    Alexey is a Lawyer of Legal Element.

    Graduated from International Law Faculty of Far-Eastern National University in 2010.

    Alexey joined Legal Element in the beginning of 2016. Having started his carrier in 2008, Alexey was a paralegal and a lawyer in a major law firm and Russian foreign-funded companies.

    Alexey has a huge experience in representation and protection of Russian and foreign clients’ interests in the Russian jurisdiction.

    As a lawyer of Legal Element Alexey specializes on litigation and consultation cases in different areas of law, including Contracts, Corporate, Insurance and Administrative Laws.

    Foreign languages: English

    e-mail: A.Krupin@legalelement.ru

  • Maritime Law

    — complex legal supporting of shipping companies
    — purchase and sale of vessels
    — general average
    — marine insurance
    — salvage
    — other aspects of maritime law

  • Legal Translation

    — translation of documents from English to Russian
    — translation of documents from Russian to English
    — notarial attestation of translator’s signature

  • International Private Law

    — conflict of laws
    — representation of foreign Clients in Russian courts and arbitrations
    — legal assistance of Russian Clients in foreign jurisdictions activities
    — handling of legal projects in foreign jurisdictions in cooperation with foreign law firms

  • Corporate/M&A

    — optimization of corporate structure and management
    — legal due diligences before purchase and sale of companies
    — incorporation of companies in Russian and foreign jurisdictions
    — incorporation of companies in offshore jurisdictions
    — legal assistance in opening accounts in foreign banks
    — increasing of share capital
    — share stock and other securities issues
    — corporate restructuring and liquidation of companies
    — restructuring of holding companies
    — mergers and acquisitions

  • Customs

    — advise on customs law issues
    — advise on issues of selection of optimal customs-approved regime
    — representation of Clients before customs bodies, including administrative proceedings
    — appealing against decisions and actions of customs bodies

  • Tax

    — legal advise on tax law issues
    — legal advise on issues of selection of optimal tax regime
    — representation of Clients before tax bodies, including administrative proceedings
    — appealing against decisions and actions of tax bodies

  • Real Estate and Construction

    — sale and purchase of land, immovable property and associated rights
    — lease of buildings and land plots
    — investments contracts and legal support of investment activities
    — on-going advice on planning, design, construction, operational and maintenance stages

  • Antimonopoly/Regulatory

    — advise on antimonopoly law issues
    — legal analysis of contract on conformance to the requirements of antimonopoly legislation
    — representation before the Federal Antimonopoly Service where notification or prior approval is needed for a merger, acquisition or other transaction
    — representation of Clients before antimonopoly bodies, including administrative proceedings
    — appealing against decisions and actions of antimonopoly bodies

  • Litigation and Arbitration

    — representation in courts of general jurisdiction
    — representation in arbitration courts and commercial arbitrations
    — recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards